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Diamond Buying Guide

Where do you source your diamonds?

At Jan Dee Custom Jewelry we choose only to work with diamond cutters and vendors who are a part of an ethics contract established by the United Nations. Additionally, they must make positive contributions to local communities through a range of programs and charities that encourage local employment, education and medical benefits to help address the challenges faced by the compliant countries involved.

Do you select your diamonds in person?

Diamonds are unique and should be viewed in person. Two diamonds with similar characteristics can be dramatically different in appearance. Our diamond buyers do not buy inventory through the Internet or from mega stores. We select them in person. As a part of your own legacy, we recommend that you hand select your diamond from Jan Dee Custom Jewelry.

We offer a comfortable and unique shopping experience with a professional staff who are happy to ascertain the quality and the value of a diamond's beauty and share that expertise with you. We are an established, trustworthy and ethical source. We carry beautiful, brilliant diamonds.

How are diamonds graded?

Diamond Cut – The finer the proportions of a diamond, the better the light refraction, sparkle and scintillation. We will show you diamonds that meet our impeccable cutting standards.

Diamond Color – Color in diamonds refers to the presence of minor elements within the body of the stone. These elements may show perceptible traces of yellow-ish or brownish tints. Colorless diamonds are much more rare. We will show you how they differ.

Diamond Clarity – Most diamonds contain minute, natural inclusions that affect its grading. Larger inclusions will interfere with light refraction. Clarity ranges from flawless to imperfect.

Diamond Carat Weight – The size and weight of a diamond is measured in carats and each is divided into 100 points.

Where can I learn more about ethically sourced diamonds?

​​If you would like detailed information on diamond facts and the role that their revenues play in bringing real benefits to the people and communities where diamonds are sourced, please go to:

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